The Contours of Free Expression on Campus” will be the topic of events starting at 4 p.m. Mon., Oct. 3, in Terrell Library Room 103, hosted by WSU Libraries and the Gamma of Washington chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at Washington State University.  The events are free and open to the public.

First on the agenda will be a video-streamed presentation featuring former Philadelphia Inquirer Executive Vice President and Editor William Marimow and Phi Beta Kappa Secretary/CEO Fred Lawrence. They are expected to engage in wide-ranging dialogue on recent challenges and resulting debaters concerning free expression occurring on American campuses.

They will be speaking live from Trinity College, the Hartford, Conn., school that experienced controversy earlier this year surrounding a faculty member’s comments on social media.

Following the video stream, Phi Beta Kappa members welcome discussion on issues raised.

Gamma of Washington Chapter officer Robert Ferguson said, “Freedom of expression is one of Phi Beta Kappa’s distinctive and longstanding commitments as an honor society, dating back to its founding in 1776.”

The video stream is one of several events planned by the national organization to offer a variety of perspectives and resources. The goal, said Lawrence, is to help catalyze local discussions about free expression, and to address the issue in serious, thoughtful, constructive, and civil ways.


Alyssa Ferguson, officer in the Gamma of Washington Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at WSU, 509-335-2520,